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 Born Nancy Catherine Julia Martinez on August 26th, 1960 to John and Maureen Martinez from Montreal, Canada. Nancy’s multi-cultural genes may very well have had an influence on
her natural talent. However, although her aspirations were to follow another career path she began to hone her musical skills early in life.
Vocal lessons and luck helped Nancy land many jobs at clubs and parties. She eventually parlayed her talent into the role of a background singer. In 1980-1981 she toured with hit
recording artist Chatelaine (“Take Me”) as well as touring and studio work with René & Nathalie Simard and disco sensation Kat Mandu (“The Break”) to name a few.
Nancy continued to perfect her craft, gaining more popularity among the industry insiders. She found herself gainfully employed from the late 1970’s into the 1980’s doing a number of
jingles, commercials and theme songs. As the lead singer on these projects Nancy found herself for the first time out front. Having been comfortable and happy as a backup vocalist,
producers continued to prompt her to do the leads. She displayed exceptional professionalism and skill both in the studio and live performances. She began to become recognized for a
strong ear, superb vocalizing skills and a natural talent for harmonizing and styling.
In 1982 after completing a recording session for Kat Mandu, Nancy’s performance so impressed the label (Neige Records), she was approached to sign with them. Nancy felt
uncomfortable about signing as an artist. However, she agreed to record for producer Domenic Sciullo but refused to use her real name.
Her first solo release was “Can’t Believe” credited to Nancy Martin. The song spread over Canada like wildfire eventually reaching the U.S. where Atlantic Records picked it up for
release. This was her first American hit, but later that year she scored an even bigger success with “I’m Gonna Get Your Love” credited to Jade. Thanks to a Disconet remix (U.S.A.) and
versions on Polydor (Canada), Rams Horn (Holland) and Dureco-Benelux (Netherlands) the song became a global sensation. Following the success of two hit 12″ singles in one year, the
pressure was on. Nancy was still timid about recording as herself and it was apparent there was a demand for her product. So another round of releases were forthcoming. First was
another Nancy Martin 12″ on Neige of “Hold Your Horses Baby.” The song was another great track but failed to rival her first release. Then just as quickly appeared another Jade 12″ of
“Who Cares.” This item had a punk-ish rock feel to it. Showing yet another side of her talent it found it’s way onto my play list as well as those of countless others.
    So far she had copped four hits in less than two years and no one really knew who she was. I’m sure this erased any doubts or insecurities she had. It was time for the world to meet Nancy Martinez and they were
introduced to her in a big way. A shrewd Nancy signed with Matra Records and was paired with Joe LaGreca, George Cucuzzella and Denis LePage for her first album 1983’s “Lay It Down.” With the first 12″ single, “So
 the world embraced Nancy Martinez. Most were unaware that she was Nancy Martin and practically no one knew she had been Jade. The second 12″ single of “Take It Slowly” became one of my personal
favorites. A third single of “Number Two In Love” failed and was not included on the album.
The following year she had one more record for Matra. “Sunshine Reggae/La Vie En Rose,” a duet with then-husband Allen Harris. It was the perfect combination of covers of a current hit (Laid Back’s “Sunshine
) and of a timeless classic (Edith Piaf’s “La Vie En Rose”). The B-side featured single versions of each song. The remainder of 1984 and all of 1985 saw no activity from Nancy. Perhaps she was enjoying married life or
plotting her next career move? Another wise move was Nancy inking a direct deal with Atlantic Records in 1986. The first 12″ single for the label was her biggest hit ever. “For Tonight” shot up the club and Pop charts
thanks largely to a slick video. With Teneen Ali at the helm aided by M&M (Morales and Munzibai“Not Just The Girl Next Door” was recorded and released to an eager public.
1987 saw the release of the remixed 12″ singles “Crazy Love” and “Move Out.” Both continued her chart longevity and kept her in the club spotlight. A final track from the album, “It Happens All The Time” was remixed
and issued on Disconet but not issued as a single. A final 12″ single is released later in the year, “Can’t Wait” is not featured on any of her albums and it closes her chapter with Atlantic Records. Nancy’s vocals are also
featured on a French single, “Désir” by Christophe L., (Nouveau Souffle label) in Canada towards the end of the year.
Once again Nancy has a year with no recordings as 1988 comes and goes. But though out of the spotlight she remains very much active, performances at clubs and concerts are wedged in between shopping for a new
label. She finds an outlet with a new label, Vendetta Records (distributed by A&M). Producer Teneen Ali utilizes New York, Montreal and Miami studios to give her 1989 third album, “Unpredictable,” body and soul. Once
again she scores club hits with the 12″ singles “You’ve Got Me On Fire” and “Save Your Love For Me.” A bonus 12″ single, “Fire (You’ve Got Me On Fire)” was a set of clever remixes of the first single. A final 12″ single,
1990’s “Everlasting” is released to an uninterested public and her run with Vendetta is over.
Nancy regroups and decides to forgo courting the U.S. market and concentrate on her Canadian fan-base. She signs a new deal with ISBA and releases her first Francophone album, the self-titled “Nancy Martinez” with
“Tomber Sous Les Mots” as the first single. Two more singles are pulled from the album in 1991, the infectious “Je Lui Dirais,” as well as “Feel My Love (N’Attend Pas).” Her second and last album for ISBA, “Pourquoi Tu
 is released in October 1993, as well as it’s first single, “La Maitresse De Tes Rêves,” a cover of the West End Girls’ “Anything To Make You Mine.” Later in 1994 “Pourquoi Tu Pars?” and “J’ai Peur” are also released
as singles. A single of “La Maitresse De Tes Rêves” is also released in Europe only. An older more mature sounding Nancy has emerged courting a new sound and making a marked career change from the video vixen of the
Over the next few years she concentrates on studio background work and a calmer existence. During this period she lends her voice to recordings by Celine Dion and Aldo Nova amongst others. In 1998 she releases her
fifth album, “Bird’s In The House.” Nancy writes/co-writes four of the tracks on the album, “I’m In Heat” and “Jack” are released as singles but the album is out of print within a year’s time.
In 2004 she once again changes style and subjects when she releases “Downtown,” a collection of standards and Jazz hits. The brilliant selection includes: “The More I See You,” “In A Mellow Tone” and “I’m Old
 amongst it’s treasures. The disc is still available and has received favorable reviews. That summer she was featured on rapper K. Maro’s hit single “Femme Like U” as well as other tracks from his album “La
Good Life.” 
A second single, “Crazy” from the album also charted.
Her 2005 schedule was busy, beginning with a duet with Denis Ducharme on “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” from his self-titled debut album. She followed that with her reggae-flavoured release of “Laisse-Moi Te Donner.” And
late in the year her first concert disc. “Live” was recorded at the House of Jazz in Montreal and features her stunning versions of the classics: “Teach Me Tonight,” “Our Love Is Here To Stay,” “It Don’t Mean A Thing,”
“Over The Rainbow,” “Lady Is A Tramp,” “Paper Moon,” “My Funny Valentine,” “Where Or When”
 and “Twisted.”
In 2006 she was once again heard in clubs throughout the U.S. and Canada as the featured vocalist on MC Mario’s “Not Guilty.” She still continues to live in Canada and tours frequently performing to delighted fans of
many different genres. We are so happy that after a quarter of a century Nancy is still making music. We wish her the best in the future and thank her for the wonderful dance tunes she gave us under any name

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