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LLUNA brings in her musical suitcase and earthy, evocative voice filled with colour, shape and sensual intelligence.
Like many before her, LLUNA’s past musical experience includes live performances in nightclubs, various events and festivals, and yearly performances at Le Dîner en Blanc de Montreal.
Like many in this calling, she began singing in her hometown church at the age of five and was recognized for having an organic, exuberant voice and spirit.
Embarking on the personal artistic journey she’s desired for so long, she is supported by award-winning artist and producer Sari Dajani and percussion master Yvon Plouffe, both having completed world tours with big names like Michael Franks, Thérèse Montclam, Karen Young, Martine St-Claire, Roch Voisine and Diane Tell. LLUNA’s ecclectic vocal portfolio consists of songs in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

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