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Jessica Vigneault – daughter of Gilles Vigneault – studied music first in classical piano , and then she turned to jazz. Leading a parallel career as a singer , she had the opportunity to work with many musicians of Montreal jazz scene and participate in several jazz festivals in Montreal and Quebec, OFF Jazz Festival and Montreal Obviously the jazz series .

Not abandoning provided the song, she took part in many community events , including the choruses first and Cabarets choruses Monique Giroux, Les Francofolies de Montreal , the 2006 Gala Hall of Fame and the Canadian Songwriters Coup sending the 400th Anniversary of Quebec, as well as several books , records and shows for children of the Secret Mountain.

She is currently involved in several projects for the fall of 2013 , including participation in the Quebec Jazz Festival, and the International Festival of Literature ( IDF). She regularly accompanies the Brazilian singer Paulo Ramos and performs regularly as a jazz singer in Montreal clubs ( Diese Onze , Upstairs , etc.).

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