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Hailing from Montreal but originally a sun child from island of Barbados, Coco Thompson has been signing and performing publicity since age nine. She has worked with several artists over the years, from Celine Dion to Jully Black, The Neville Brothers, A.K.A. Soulo, Michael Bolton, Deborah Cox, Dionne Taylor, Jack Soul, Corneille, South African signerLorraine Klaasen and the Incomparable “Patti Labelle”.


Her Music is soulful with slices of jazz and Hip-Hop. Her sound whispers of the earliers  years… Reminescent of Candi Station, Billy Holliday and Etta James with a mixture of the past and the now she has cultivated a sound that’s all her own. A signer and a song writer, Coco has taken her own path to self discovery and as she put’s it… “The beauty of art is in the being”

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